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Dr. Doug Clark

Dr. Clark was born in Payson and grew up in Salem. He is a graduate of Salem Elementary, Spanish Fork High school, BYU, University of Michigan, and the Michigan College of Optometry. Following graduation, Dr. Clark completed an ocular disease residency serving veterans at the VA Hospital in Las Vegas.


With vast experience in diabetes, glaucoma, macular degeneration, infection, glasses, and contacts, Dr. Clark now returns to home to provide excellent eye care in his community. He is passionate about providing patients with accurate diagnoses and a mutually agreeable treatment plan.


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Desiree Farley

Optician and Optometry Technician

Desiree or "Des" has a strong background in healthcare and is now trained to answer all your eyecare and eyewear questions! She is full of energy and eager to learn how to help meet all of your needs.