Salem Hills Family Eyecare is proud to provide quality eye exams, services, and products.  During each examination, Dr. Clark will monitor your eyes for signs of visually threatening diseases such as glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration, infections, lazy eye, and others. After adequately managing any such eye disorders, Dr. Clark will then address your visual needs by prescribing glasses and/or contacts.

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General Eye Exam

We routinely examine children and adults, ages 1 to 100+. Interested in glasses, contacts, or both? Just ask! Dr. Clark is eager to answer all your questions.

Contact Lens Exams

Tired of wearing reading glasses? Ask about multifocal or monovision contacts.  
Need contacts for a special occasion or hobby? We carry a wide range of lenses and brands to meet your needs.

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Quality Glasses

Drop by to see our large selection of kids' & adult frames, sports glasses, and sunglasses. Regardless which frame style you select, we offer high quality progressive, transitions, reading, distance, and computer lenses. Each order is custom made to fit your needs.

Medical and Urgent Eye Exams

Have pink eye or eye pain and don't want to wait to see your primary care doctor? We offer same day service for all urgent eye needs.
Have you been diagnosed with cataracts, glaucoma, diabetes, or other eye disorders? At Salem Hills Family Eyecare, we enjoy providing medical eyecare with our cutting-edge diagnostic technology.


If you have color blindness, our test can determine if your color vision deficiency is mild, moderate, or strong — in less than two minutes. 

Based on your results, we can offer the appropriate EnChroma lens technology to  increase contrast between the red and green color signals, alleviating symptoms of color blindness for a richer experience of the world. 

Stop by to try this NEW TECHNOLOGY, ask about our glasses loaner program, and check out EnChroma on Instagram!